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  • Question 1. How does it work?

    Answer: Students enrolled in the Leadership Academy of Excellence have the freedom to log on to our instructional website 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from anywhere in the world that there is internet access.  Students are responsible for completing all coursework within the limits of the FUSD semester calendar.  Additionally, students are expected to meet on a weekly basis with their instructor.  These meetings generally last between 15-30 minutes and at various times of the day.  To learn more about the expectations of students, please click here. To learn about what you as a student or parent can expect from the staff and administration of the LAE, please click here.
  • Question 2. What does it cost?
    Answer: To be a student at the Leadership Academy of Excellence there is NO COST; LAE is a fully accredited Arizona public high school and is a school in the Florence Unified School District. 

  • Question 3. Do I Have to Take / Pass the AIMS Test?
    Answer: In a word, YES.  Students passing the test is not our goal, students passing the test is our expectation.  At LAE we expect that students will pass the AIMS test in Reading, Math, Writing, and if applicable Science.  Passing the test is not our maximum standard, it is our minimum expectation.

  • Question 4. Can I work at my own pace?
    Answer: Absolutely!  The option to work at ones own pace is one of the components that drives online instruction.  Students are able to work at any time, from any location with internet access on coursework.  We are on a semester system and students must have coursework completed by the end of each semester.  The other benefit of the work at your own pace mode in which we operate is that students can test out of completing instructional modules.  In other words, if students can demonstrate proficiency in a module, why waste time completing "busy work"?  Student no longer need to wait to for students who are struggling to catch up, nor do they have to move forward more quickly than they are ready to in order to keep pace with the rest of the class.  This truly is a way to individualize instruction for each student!  Although this format of instruction does allow for a considerable amount of flexibility, we must have some criteria for attendance and pace of work.  In order to learn more about attendance requirements, our process when attendance is a concern, and our position on maintaining a high level of academic integrity, please click here.
  • Question 5. How do I enroll?
    Answer: Please click on the "How To Register Button" in order to view detailed instructions on the enrollment process.

  • Question 6. Will my diploma be different than a "normal" Florence Unified School District Diploma?
    Answer: Absolutely not!  Because our school is a public school recognized by the Arizona Department of Education and is a part of the Florence Unified School District, the diploma that students receive is no different or less challenging than a brick and mortar student's.  The difference between the Leadership Academy of Excellence and other public schools is in the manner in which instruction is delivered and the flexibility afforded to students to work at their own pace.
  • Question 7. Can I participate in sports while attending the Leadership Academy of Excellence?
    Answer: If you are in proximity to our district and you have the means to attend practices and athletic contests, the answer is a resounding YES!  Students at the Leadership Academy of Excellence are held to the same attendance and academic standards as students in brick and mortar schools and participate in athletics at Florence High School.

  • Question 8. What kind of student attends the Leadership Academy of Excellence?

    Simply put, the kind of student who wants a sound, challenging, and quality education that will prepare them for the workplace demands of the 21st century while affording the flexibility of being able to attend school anytime from anywhere.  Going to school online is not for everyone, however, if you have the desire to learn and are willing to work hard, the Leadership Academy of Excellence may be the place for you to go to school!  Our student enrollments have ranged from students with medical conditions who are homebound, to students who compete on the national level in rodeo with the need of the flexiblity to be able to travel and attain an education.