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Course Offerings
 The curricular choices offered by the Leadership Academy of Excellence comprehensive, varied, challenging, and geared towards preparing students for post-secondary success in the world of work, technical school, or college.  Course offerings meet current graduation requirements for the State of Arizona through the graduation requirements.   All courses utilize the research and methods as advocated by leading educational researchers, including Bloom, Gagne, Keller, and more. In addition, FLVS courses address 21st Century learning goals. The FLVS goal is for 60% of each module to address the higher levels (Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation) of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

 In summary, we offer core classes for students in grades 9 - 12, including Calculus, Pre- Calculus, and Physics.  Currently we are offering Spanish I, II, and III as well as PE and Health.  Please continue to check back or contact our office, we are constantly working to add coursework opportunities to our offerings and will be updating our course offerings as needed.

Rev. 7.19.15