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Leadership Academy of Excellence
“United for Kids”

 English Courses

 Math Courses   

 Science Courses

 Social Studies Courses

Foreign Language Courses 





Reg and Honors

American Gov't
Reg and Honors 

 Spanish I, II, III

 Personal Fitness





Reg and Honors

American History
Reg and Honors 

Middle School Spanish I, II




 Physical Science
Reg and Honors

Reg and Honors 


 Computers I, II



 9th Grade English
Reg and Honors

 Algebra I

Reg and Honors

 World History
Reg and Honors

Middle School Keyboarding



 10th Grade English
Reg and Honors

 Algebra I A

 AP Biology

 AP US Gov and Politics


Computing for College and Careers



 11th Grade English
Reg and Honors

 Algebra I B

AP Environmental

AP US History 





12th Grade English
Reg and Honors 

Liberal Arts Math


 AP World History


 Computer Programming



 AP English Literature 





 Fitness Lifestyle Design




Algebra II 








 Pre- Calculus
















AP Calculus  AB








 AP Calculus BC








 AP Statistics





*  Courses in Red may involve a tuition, dependent upon teacher availability and student demand.  Please contact us for further information