What we Expect of Studens

Simply put, we expect your best...your best effort, your best demonstration of integrity, and your best you!  Not all students are strong academically, many have other talents, which is why they are looking for ways to be able to continue to go to school and to improve their skill set in another area.  Without a solid education, there are very few talents that can yield success.  What we at LAE expect of our students is that every day, every time that they log-in, they put forth their best effort.  What students of the Leadership Academy should NOT expect, is a minimally challenging experience that will result in the reward of a diploma.  To graduate from high school and to be ready to compete in the 21st century workforce, students will need to be proficient in reading and math, will need to be effective communicators (both verbally and through the written word), and will need to be able to work cooperatively with diverse populations.  These needs cannot be met through minimally engaging, non-challenging, and irrelevant curriculum.  Specifically, what we expect from students is listed below.  

Time Requirements

Students are required to log in weekly and must be online for 900 hours during the school year.

Course Completion

LAE operates on a calendar year, from July to May.  Additionally, students have the option of working at thier own pace, thus finishing their coursework more quickly.

Minimum Hardware / Software Requirements for Students Who Live Outside of the Florence Unified School District
Operating Systems
XP, Vista® or Windows® 7
Will also run using Boot camp® on a Macintosh®
Minimum Hardware
2GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, 800MB free hard-drive space, Video Card with at least 128MB RAM 
Browsers Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or above or Internet Explorer 6.0 or above
Broadband Connection
Will run on dialup connection without VoIP enabled

Microsoft Office / Open Office
Word processing, PowerPoint, excel, etc.

DirectX 9.0c, Adobe Flash Player 10 and Adobe PDF Reader 9